What do Bitmain miner's signal lights mean?

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Fault light (red) and Normal light (green)

✔ When the miner is running well, the green light flashes and the red light does not.

 If the red light flashes, there are two possibilities:

1. High-temperature alert.

2. The network is off. Try to reconnect to the internet. 

 If the green light is on continually, there are two possibilities:

1. Can't connect to the internet. 

2. IP issue. 

 If both the green light and red light are off, the fan might be bad:

Replace with a good fan to test. 

 If the red light flashes but the green light does not, there might be IP conflict:

  1. Antpool:https://www.antpool.com/download.htm?m=tools
  2. BTC.com:https://pool.btc.com/tools

Ethernet port light

✔ When the miner is running well, the yellow light is on and the green light flashes.

 If both lights are off, there are three possibilities:

  1. The network cable is not plugged in well. Re-plug it. 
  2. The control board is bad. Replace with a good one to test. 
  3. The switch is not powered. Power on the switch.

 Source: https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018826774-What-do-miner-s-signal-lights-mean-

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